Welcome to a unique of Martial Art Retreat, the brutal & exciting world of Lethwei combined with a Relaxing Holiday & Vacation.

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What is Lethwei and Who is Dave Leduc?

Lethwei or Burmese Barenuckle Boxing is the traditional combat art of Myanmar. Lethwei is a full contact sport considered the most brutal & effective stand up fighting art in the world, because fighter compete without gloves and use the entire body as a weapon. The use of fists, elbows, knees, and feet, and the head makes it a very unique martial art. Although disallowed in most combat sports, in Lethwei, the use of headbutt is encouraged. This is the reason it is also known as “The Art of 9 Limbs.”

Once shadowed by other combat sports, the ancient art of Lethwei is now enjoying a healthy revival mainly because of its ambassador and current undefeated Lethwei World Champion, Dave Leduc and him funding Leduc Lethwei as a mean of spreading the sport around the world through his Lethwei Seminars & World Tours. Additionally, with its fame comes a proportional rise in interest in the culture of Myanmar itself.

Following his first title win back in 2016, Leduc said in an interview, ″I have so much vision for this sport. The more people learn about Lethwei, the more people will visit Myanmar and train its traditional art, which will help the economy.”

Dave Leduc, is a Canadian Lethwei fighter who competes in the World Lethwei Championship. He is the current openweight Lethwei World Champion and current WLC Cruiserweight Champion.

What can I expect on a Lethwei retreat?

Think of it as an exciting adventure where you can learn and improve your Lethwei techniques, get in better shape and detox your body and mind.

Unlike your typical vacation, a Lethwei retreat is a chance to immerse yourself in the Burmese culture, learn the unique training method of Traditional Lethwei. You’ll be guided along by the champion himself, Dave Leduc, as well as other world-class professional coaches dedicated to your well-being.

Leduc has a true passion for Myanmar way of life. His ability to create captivating and memorable experiences for his guests is unmatched by any other cultural ambassadors.

Lethwei Retreats welcomes everyone: fighting professionals, martial art amateurs and simply curious souls who wish to experience a “vacation” like no other. It’s a place for everyone to disconnect from their busy schedules and have some well deserved quality ME time.

Date: 21st Nov 2020
Starts in:
Lethwei Retreat: Ngapali Beach
Location: Ngapali Beach, Myanmar

Turquoise blue water, pristine white soft sand, picture perfect palm trees and a 7 kilometer-long beach strip of your dreams…
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Date: 03rd Jan 2020
Starts in:
Lethwei Retreat: Montreal
Location: Montreal, Canada

Training home of our champion, Dave Leduc. Tucked away in eastern Ontario, hide 13 acres of pure martial art bliss…
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What do other people say about Leduc Lethwei & Dave Leduc’s Seminars?

We hosted The Dave Leduc Experience and it was the most successful seminar we ever had! – Jon Kelly,
Head Coach at MXT Fight Academy, Canada

I had the chance to attend several martial arts seminars
with world champions and UFC fighters and the Dave Leduc Experience at my academy was my favorite. – David Côté,
Head Coach at Academie SGS

What makes Dave Leduc special is not just his championship level skills and technique but his
unmatched energy and passion. – Richard Ho,
Head Coach at H2O MMA Academy